Plant & Machinery Inspection

This course is intended for those from a relevant machinery background with several years’ experience of plant maintenance , to be nominated as a competent person to inspect plant. The overall aim of the course is that the delegate will be able to refer to relevant legislation, areas of responsibility, inspection procedures, methods, recording inspections, certification and defect reports.

Training alone does not confirm competency of an individual to carry out thorough examinations but rather is aimed to add to their training and knowledge and could be used by them as evidence to support competency, along with additional evidence of training, knowledge and experience. To demonstrate competency any individual would require sufficient technical knowledge & experience for the individual items of plant to be examined.

Training Aim

This course trains delegates to inspect plant machinery. Delegates learn about legislation, responsibilities, inspection procedures and reporting methods.


We offer

2 day one to one


4 day full class

The training objectives are to ensure that at the end of the course delegates will have an understanding of current legislation and guidance associated with the inspection of plant and machinery.

Training includes

  • Safety when inspecting
  • Outline of PUWER regulations-Outline of LOLER regulations or
  • Health and Safety at Work General App 2007
  • Areas of responsibility-Inspection of mechanical equipment
  • Inspection of safety devices
  • Inspection of hydraulic equipment
  • Inspection of lifting equipment
  •  Safety Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Practical Inspection
  • Recording of inspections
  • GA1 Certification
  • Reporting defects.
  • Dangerous defects and reporting

Course Details

2 or 4 Days

We provide training at various locations throughout Ireland upon request.

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